Somaliland is NOT What You Think...

Drew Binsky

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Have you ever heard of Somaliland?! I am absolutely SHOCKED by how amazing this place is. I never expected this!!!

Since 1991, my birth year, Somaliland has been a self-declared region of Somalia and has been seeking international independence since then (which it truly deserves to get). They have their own government, currency, flag, military, and I even had to get a separate Somaliland visa to get inside.

Somaliland strikes a drastic contrast with its neighbor as a land of peace, democratic stability and safety.

I am not just saying this to sound cool, or for the video's sake, but SOMALILAND IS THE SAFEST I'VE FELT OVER THE LAST 2 MONTHS IN AFRICA. By a long shot. I can walk the streets freely at night without worrying about a thing. I have not felt pressure, once, from people trying to scam me. Everyone is so friendly, honest, and welcoming. It's also very cheap, which is a breathe of fresh air for me.

This video accurately displays my thoughts and first impressions of Somaliland -- I can't wait to explore more around this country all week long!

Thank you to my friends at Damal Hotel in Hargeisa for the incredible hospitality!

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